If Alternative Fitness is Your Choice of Workout, Vertical Activewear is Your Uniform

Dance classes to Beyonce, pole fitness to strengthen your core or yoga for some flexibility needs a fitness brand that is interchangeable for it all

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(Nationwide) Contemporary fitness brand, Vertical Activewear, has joined Rebelle Agency’s client portfolio in our Fashion and Lifestyle divisions - showing the world that fitness has no boundaries and neither should your activewear.  Rebelle Agency will work with Vertical Activewear as the public relations representative for the brand and develop a communications strategy that implements the client’s goals to interact with the fashion and fitness consumer communities.

Vertical Activewear is a contemporary, multi-active lifestyle brand for both traditional and alternative workouts, such as pole and dance fitness, barre, and various forms of yoga. It was created for the woman who is committed to self-awareness, self-expression and self-care. As the modern response to the evolution of fitness, Vertical Activewear features high performance, interchangeable pieces that don't require you to purchase your gym, leisure, dance, yoga or pole wear separately. With pieces perfectly suitable for both inside and outside of the studio, Vertical Activewear is for the woman that is bold, adventurous, self-aware and always looking to extend herself outside of her various aspects of life, especially that restrictive personal comfort zone. Vertical Activewear is a full fitness brand using its platform and company values to inform, educate and encourage you to live an optimal life and #ExtendYourZone.

Vertical Activewear Founder Tia Robinson on the reason why she started the brand and why every item is interchangeable:

“Pole was the root of it. I started practicing in 2009 and couldn’t find anything functional, fitness and flirty. Historically...women that take pole tend to also experiment with various forms of fitness. Which is why the pieces are interchangeable.”

Most people associate activewear with solely working out in the gym however the alternative fitness industry is growing in popularity and access worldwide:

  • The pole fitness industry is growing at about a rate of 500-700% and doubling each year. There are about 8,000 pole studios worldwide and roughly 1.6 million pole students worldwide.

  • There are over 12 million people in over 125 countries that take dance fitness classes such as Zumba and according to the IBIS World rhythmic movement is a $3 billion industry

  • IBIS World’s research shows that the yoga industry generates $9.1 billion in revenues and over $1.2 billion in profit for an industry profit margin of 13.2%. The yoga industry is projected to continue growing at 4.9% per year until 2020, when sales are projected to reach $11.5 billion.

Robinson speaks to the brand’s ideal woman:

“It is for [the woman who participates in] alternative fitness like dance (think a Beyonce or stiletto fitness class), pole fitness, yoga (aerial, hot, buti), barre or the girl that just wants to go to the gym and look kick-ass.”

View the lookbook for Vertical Activewear’s Launch Collection by clicking the images below and download it here for review. Many items in the lookbook are already available on the brand website and remaining items from the collection will be released throughout the next 6-8 weeks.

Vertical Lookbook.jpg

For more information about Vertical Activewear visit www.verticalactivewear.com and follow along via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for sales news and company updates.

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