New Sample Trafficking Management Software TracksRacks Wants The Fashion Industry To Make Disruption More Than Just An It-Word

Launching in New York City early September 2018, TracksRacks has a goal to make working in fashion a little simpler and a lot more fun by transitioning an age-old industry into the digital age with web-based sample trafficking and enhanced messenger relationships.


As we expand our company offerings to include a Tech Division we are excited to welcome sample trafficking management software TracksRacks and its founder Tara Robinson to the Rebelle Agency client portfolio. Rebelle Agency will work with TracksRacks as the public relations and marketing representative for the brand and Robinson’s professional endeavors. The work that we do with TracksRacks will be modern and innovative in respect to unique communications practices that will allow them to engage and connect with their B2B audience.

It’s tech. But make it fashion.

TracksRacks is a tech company that offers B2B services to the fashion industry. When we decided to open a Tech Division at Rebelle Agency we were looking for a company or brand whose goals aligned with one of our top agency values - disruption. Tara Robinson developed the idea for a more seamless sample tracking system while working as an intern at a fashion company. Time lost identifying, organizing and lugging samples around the city seemed inefficient and wasn’t a direct additive to the things she hoped to have learned during her time as an intern. Streamlining the process and transferring data onto a single digital platform seemed like an obvious solvent to the problem, however when suggested, the idea was met with blank stares and judgmental glances from superiors. Like many innovators before her, Robinson decided to build the software now and get the traditional fashion industry on board later. So far, that decision has proved successful with multiple major fashion companies offering interest based on the TracksRacks concept alone.

Disruption is not a trendy fashion statement but an opportunity to dismantle archaic methods and systems in order to better our industries and lives. As a woman of color Tara Robinson did not expect to dive headfirst into the tech industry - a space not so commonly accepting and open to the ideas and companies built by women and/or people of color. However, the need for disruption can be a very convincing driver and has steered TracksRacks and Robinson into this new and exciting direction.

TracksRacks solves some basic issues for editors, stylists, publicists, assistants and more: it is mobile, making it accessible to users while on the go between meetings or shows or heading home early (fancy that!), it saves time, allowing for the entire sampling process to happen from beginning to end within a central database, and it is reliable, tracking icons of your messengers in-app and sending automatic notification when samples have arrived or if they have been lost/damaged. Learn more by clicking the video below.

Find more information about TracksRacks by visiting and stay connected with the brand on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for upcoming marketing campaigns and company updates.

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