Activate Your Ministry Leadership at the 16th Annual Mount Jezreel Baptist Church Alive 365! Conference

Join hundreds of diverse current and future church leaders empowering themselves as agents of change within their communities this July 15th-July 18th

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(Northeast Region) This upcoming Sunday, July 15th through Wednesday, July 18th Mount Jezreel Baptist Church of Silver Spring, MD will celebrate their 16th Annual Church Alive! 365 Ministry Leadership Conference for the future of religious leaders in and around the Washington, DC, Maryland, North Virginia regions and surrounding areas including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The conference is notably regarded as a teaching seminar in which the "work of the Church" is defined and described according to the New Testament. This year’s theme is The Church: Agent for Justice with a vision for attendees to obtain both practical and spiritual solutions for effective ministry and leadership in an ever-changing social and political climate. The conference is hosted by MJBC’s senior pastor Rev. Dr. Eldridge Spearman with nightly worship services led by Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Haggray, Rev. Dr. Lance D. Watson and Rev. Dr. John K. Jenkins Sr.

The conference is a space of learning that is available to any enthusiastic group or individual with a goal to enhance their leadership within the religious sector. Suggested attendees include pastors, ministers, teachers, lay leaders, seminary students and congregants with a passion for servant leadership. There is no requirement in age to attend as their is considerable interest in diversifying guests from newly minted to seasoned leaders. Over the past 15 years, scores of pastors and church leaders including musicians, staff and disciples have found this conference to be an invaluable tool in motivating congregations to actively engage in the work of the church.

There is no shortage of Christian conferences, seminars and panels promising to empower and equip their attendees with the proper skills, so what makes the Mount Jezreel Baptist Church Alive! 365 Ministry Leadership Conference different? This isn’t just about the optics of social fervor! The conference has been produced to dive into a few, more compelling ways to engage their audience and provide actionable information and tasks for attendees such as:

  • develop methods of teaching and preaching
  • ways to incorporate music and arts into your ministry
  • assistance in evangelism tactics for modern practices
  • religiously-centered social action in communities filled with violence
  • identifying and nurturing women in leadership

The two and a half day conference schedule includes peer networking, Christ-centered thought leadership breakouts and practical, bible-based training. An example of some workshops that will be offered are: Discussion Forums on ‘Women in Leadership’ and ‘The Church and Social Justice’, Impact of Racism on Black Children in America, Preacher and Teacher Justice, The Relevance of Bible Study and Christian Education in Today’s World, special workshops for worship, choir, and dance leader, Technical Arts and Worship Bands ministries and additional topics covering the qualities of good ministers (members), exposing the adversary of the Church, explaining proper Church financing, and active engaging in missions and social action. These workshops will be led by some of the most captivating modern Christian leaders such as Rev. Dr. Zina Pierre, Pastor Bob Sorge, Rev. Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner and more.

Registration is currently open for all attendees. Purchase tickets here.

Regular registration - $125
*MJBC Members - $50
Group Rate - $100 per person (for groups of 5 or more)
*Student Fee - $75 (valid/current student ID required)
*Youth/Teen - $10

*MJBC Members, Students and Youth/Teen please email for your respective access code to be used on the Registration Page

The registration fee includes all conference sessions, materials, and meals. The conference will take place at Mount Jezreel Baptist Church 420 University Blvd East Silver Spring, MD 20901 in its entirety. For more information and details visit

As a church dedicated to modern practices and continuously reaching the newest groups of religious leaders it was important for the MJBC team to rebrand the conference in its 16th year of organization. The rebranding, which includes colors that demand attention and a theme that encompasses the full breadth of what is currently important in our communities - justice - MJBC is poised to fortify the current and next generation of leaders. Mount Jezreel Baptist Church and this year’s Church Alive 365! Ministry Leadership Conference allows religion to reach a broader audience and serve as an agent of change steering and empowering leaders for and most importantly of the community.

About Mount Jezreel Baptist Church (MJBC)
MJBC is located in Silver Spring, Maryland and is led by Rev. Dr. Eldridge Spearman. For 145 years, the Mount Jezreel experience has been marked by powerful preaching, an aggressive and expansive program of biblical teaching and discipleship development, an infrastructure of over 40 ministries, as well as one of the most dynamic music and fine arts ministries in the Kingdom. As the church expanded over the years, it has created greater avenues to reach deep into the community including a Freedom School, Christian Elementary School, and active missions throughout the world.

General Conference and MJBC Inquiries:
Rev. Khalida Burton, MJBC

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