Watch: TracksRacks #BurnTheBook Video Series


We worked with fashion tech software client TracksRacks on the release of their #BurnTheBook video series to promote the launch of their service for fashion industry representatives. See below for videos featuring Tiffany Reid, Senior Editor at Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, Abs Petit, celebrity stylist and Roz Shambo, a NYC and Philadelphia bike messenger.

Tiffany Reid gives us anecdotal stories and experiences she has endured in her intern and editor days that could’ve been made better with a software like TracksRacks. At the end she believes the fashion industry needs to “Get on it!” when it comes to digital processes.

Roz Shambo takes us on a ride as she picks up and drops of product using the TracksRacks app. Rushing through the NYC streets are more fun on a bike when you can weave through traffic!

Abs Petit gets frustrated on a shoot with the paper confusion of a sample binder and ceremoniously pronounces to her assistant to immediately “Burn the book!”. This video serves as the introduction to the #BurnTheBook series and shows the inefficiencies of the current sample trafficking system.

See the full series below.

Tiffany Reid for TracksRacks


Roz Shambo for TracksRacks


Abs Petit for TracksRacks