New Brother Rap Duo Blumbros Pokes At Cookie-Cutter Rappers & Brings Fun Back to Philly with Sophomore Single "Everybody" 

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Rebelle Agency
Dariana Colon-Bibb

For Release: Friday, May 5th, 2017

Who knew Philly rappers did more than battle freestyle? Well Blumbros, the newest rap duo out of the city wants to show you the diversity that breeds in their hometown of Philadelphia. The group consists of blood brothers Raphy and Carty who are two children out of eleven total who grew up in the notorious housing projects Blumfield Homes. Before you think, those must've been some crazy Christmas mornings, the brothers grew up separately and did not connect until they were 15 and 16 years old all due to their respective love of music and dancing. Fast forward a few years later, they're making music that celebrates life and not the hardships of growing up in an urban project housing community. The duo hustles together, dances together and even shares the same Large McDonald's Sweet Tea every now and then all for the dream of their voices reaching the masses.

Their first single "Wanna Be Grown" created local buzz for them in the city but their sophomore single "Everybody", releasing Friday, May 5th, is slated to be a summer block party smash. The content came easy to the duo, pulling from the oversaturation of cookie-cutter rappers they hear every day: 

"We just wanted to make a catchy song that talked about how all rappers do these days is talk about the same thing over and over. They talk about how many girls they can get and how much money they have and how much drugs they sell. We wanted to make fun of these kinds of rappers in our song" 

Available Friday, May 5th on Spotify and Soundcloud. For now click the link to listen below, vibe out and let us know what you think. Connect with Blumbros on Instagram and Facebook


About Blumbros:

Blumbros is an American Hip-Hop group formed in 2016, from North Philadelphia, PA. The group is composed of two brothers, known as Raphy (Raphael Perkins) and Carty (Cartier Perkins). Raphy and Carty are numbers 9 and 10 out of 11 siblings born and raised in the notorious Philadelphia Housing Project known as Blumberg Homes. Both brothers were split up at early ages and raised in different parts of the city. The brothers re-connected at the ages of 15 and 16 and began making music and creating a buzz locally. The pair grabbed the attention of Todd “Morty” Perry II (A music manager/publisher, also from Philadelphia) with their regional hit, “Wanna Be Grown.” Working alongside Morty and Co-manager, “Oss,” the duo began to develop their songwriting, image and stage presence. Blumbros has garnered the attention of powerful music executives such as Philadelphia Native, J. Erving (Eve, Nelly, Jeremih). The group has begun performing their live show on a small, local, college tour (Penn State, Kutztown, etc.) and will be opening for a slew of major artists this summer. Blumbros is an example of how two inner city kids, who are often counted out in America, can commit to a passion and travel the globe spreading great music and energy. Blumbros are currently being courted by a few major labels, but are continuing to build real fans, one-step at a time. 

For more information please see their EPK.