photo of @basma_k in #basmakcollection c/o @adaraonline

photo of @basma_k in #basmakcollection c/o @adaraonline

E-commerce Curator Adara Aims to Challenge the Relationship Between Modesty, Beauty & Fashion for Muslim Women

National (May 24th, 2017) - Imagine you are in a mall. Seems pretty normal; numerous clothing and store options to browse and buy, mall pretzels, screaming kids, stressed husbands and wide-eyed teenagers. Now imagine you are a Black American Muslim woman in the mall. Most of the same elements, except this time you can't find a whole outfit in one store because you need something to cover you with those amazing new jeans or you need a camisole as a layering piece under this gorgeous yet low-cut top. Insert a frustrated and tired husband, three kids and a few hours lost from your weekend aimlessly searching instead of enjoying time with family. That was a normal mall trip for Adara co-Founder/CEO Jahara Kelly and her husband co-founder Nasheed Sabree.

Nasheed saw how frustrating it was for his wife to shop for modest and conservative clothing while maintaining her strong sense of beauty, fashion, and style. The most successful businesses are started from a true and widespread need. There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world and 3.48 Million in the United States (as of January 31, 2017)*. Let's say a portion of the Muslims living in the United States were women, that means at least one to a few million are dealing with the exact same frustration that Jahara does when searching for modest yet trendy fashion. That is what sparked Nasheed to approach his wife with a business idea; an E-commerce site for Muslim women who adhere to conservative fashion values because Jahara couldn't be the only one dealing with frustrating shopping options. Welcome to Adara.


"It has more to do with the nature of an individual
and less to do with their attire, we must embody a humble spirit, this surface understanding of
modesty must be redefined"

- Jahara Kelly, CEO of Adara

Black, American, Muslim couple Nasheed and Jahara are true reflections of one another. Their courtship grew into marriage and now with Adara, business partners. The couple's unique combination of compassion for one another, awareness of others and business savvy aid in their success with Adara. Juggling married life along with three children is not always easy but the couple does so knowing that they are helping to change the view of Muslim women around the world through fashion.

Adara launched in August 2014, with remarkable interest and international demand from discerning customers, designers and celebrity bloggers, as the premiere e-commerce destination of conservative fashions for Muslim women. Searching for the perfect styles began as a tedious process bouncing around from wholesaler to wholesaler but after a few months, the couple launched the site with upscale fashion options from domestic and international markets including Thailand and Turkey. It took a great deal of trial and error to find the ideal Adara look and since inception Jahara and Nasheed have worked to improve upon that look, consequently growing and refining the Adara woman daily.

photo of @basma_k in #basmakcollection c/o @adaraonline

photo of @basma_k in #basmakcollection c/o @adaraonline

The Adara Woman is a socially-engaged member of society who loves beauty (makeup) and fashion. She is a professional woman who is inspired by the style of Rihanna and Jessica Alba; edgy but cool. She reads daily and has never said no to a movie date unless she has to catch up with a missed episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Customers are able to purchase either entire looks or individual pieces from the site. While the market for modest fashion is growing steadily, it is still an emerging market, leaving many customers with few options and indistinct variety in their wardrobe selections when shopping with alternative fashion retailers. Adara prides itself on offering continuous variety. “We don't want to bring back the same styles unless it's extremely high in demand,” said Jahara Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Adara. Just like the glamorized runway shows of NYFW, Adara will continue to deliver new styles of modest fashion every season to its audience. AAdara’s unique selection and brandprovides Muslim women with clothing that is meant to conceal rather than reveal and allows her true essence, style, and taste to shine brightest. 

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Rebelle Agency is excited to welcome Adara under our Fashion Department & E-commerce Division. For all media inquiries regarding features please contact:
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Photo of @downtowndemure in #adaraonline c/o @adaraonline

Photo of @downtowndemure in #adaraonline c/o @adaraonline

The weather may be inconsistent but the fashion options at Adara are not! Prepare for Summer with new selections in skirts, tops, scarves and more.


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