Watch Now: New Web Series ‘Brooklyn.Blue.Sky’ Launches on BET.COM After Receiving Rave Reviews at the Advanced Screening

Michael Oloyede and Jenelle Simone Emerged as Stars of the Evening at the BET Digital, The Creative Collective and Diageo Hosted Screening of 'Brooklyn.Blue.Sky' the Night Preceding Release

How does BET launch their first acquired web series, Brooklyn.Blue.Sky? With an intimate screening including cocktails, small bites and some of the most influential New Yorkers in Black culture at the Viacom building. On November 20th, 2017 the BET Digital team, including Vice President & Managing Editor Jermaine Hall and Interim Head of Digital Bobby Singh, representatives and influencers of The Creative Collective and sponsor Diageo brought together an audience eager to experience an advanced screening of the new web series Brooklyn.Blue.Sky.

The evening began with connecting, building and growing amongst the event attendees. Contact information was exchanged, laughter could be heard in the hallway once you walked off the elevators and fashion compliments were in abundance. As eloquently stated by the evening’s cast + crew talkback host, Gia Peppers, it “felt like a family reunion”.

Bennett Raglin/BET Networks

Bennett Raglin/BET Networks

The screening was the culminating event but our day started a little earlier with clients, Michael Oloyede and Jenelle Simone...

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.47.13 PM.png

The duo was tasked with taking over BET's Instagram Stories and giving viewers an inside look of their day getting ready together for the screening and of course, they did not disappoint! Michael + Jenelle spent the morning re-living the production of the web series, visiting different shoot locations around Brooklyn and reminiscing on their experiences for tens of thousands of viewers. As a nostalgic appeal they decided to get ready for the screening at the apartment of show creator and co-writer Dui Jarrod in Brooklyn, the same place they did so over four days for the production of Brooklyn.Blue.Sky.

Jenelle's glam squad succeeded in last minute execution with flawless makeup application from Janai Broadnax and the perfect white form fitting dress chosen by stylist Raven Roberts. Michael, ever the stylish English gentleman, wore a fitted suit from P. Johnson Tailors - a dark blue ensemble worn as an ode to his character "Blue". Like two true certified New Yorkers the duo traveled to the screening at the Viacom building in Times Square via the "iron horse" with production team members Hector Martinez and Nyasha Drakes. But, before they met with their other cast members, crew and screening attendees they had to do some quick guerilla marketing in Times Square urging tourists, teenagers and everyone in between to check out Brooklyn.Blue.Sky on 

After attendees watched four episodes of the 8-episode dramedy, Michael Oloyede, Jenelle Simone, Dui Jarrod and Rhavynn Drummer sat down with moderator Gia Peppers for a quick cast + crew talkback. What started as a question and answer exchange quickly turned into insight of the multi-layered characters and their stories, affirmations of purpose, vision for the future and uncontrollable laughter. It was the perfect end to an eventful and purposeful day and now it's on watch Brooklyn.Blue.Sky, experience the emotion-evoking acting abilities of Michael Oloyede + Jenelle Simone and support an ever-growing community of Black creatives. See below for a few pictures of the day and the advanced screening.

Brooklyn.Blue.Sky is now Live on and ready for you to binge watch during Thanksgiving break. When viewing remember to use #BKBLUESKY to post reactions - trust us, you will have plenty! Don't forget to also tag @michaeloloyede_ and @jenellesimone with questions, reactions and comments.

For media inquiries related to Michael Oloyede and Jenelle Simone regarding their roles in the web series or overall please contact Tanisha Colon-Bibb at

View the official BET Pressroom page for Brooklyn.Blue.Sky here.

Photo credits given in slideshow | Contributing writer Nyasha Drakes