Leading US celebrity hairstylist and hair loss specialist, Tiffany Lamb of Lucid Bliss natural hair care system supports National Alopecia Awareness Month this September 2017

September is Alopecia Awareness month and Tiffany Lamb, of Lucid Bliss natural hair care system, wants to promote proper conversation and engagement around Alopecia and overall hair loss with a social media awareness campaign through Lucid Bliss.  Alopecia affects men, women, and children from all walks of life and is not very well understood. Did you know that there are more than 6.6 million Americans suffering from Alopecia Areata? Tiffany is one of the country’s leading celebrity hair stylists and specializes in helping people with hair loss live fulfilled, confident lives with her high-quality hair loss treatment system.

Tiffany says:

I have been a professional hair stylist for 14 years and in the last five years I have encountered the largest amount of clients with hair loss problems. This was my first indication of Alopecia and hair loss but it wasn't until hair loss hit home for me with my mother's diagnosis with Alopecia Areata that I knew I had to do something more significant than finding other remedies to treat the disease. I took time to research Alopecia and teamed up with an experienced chemist who helped me create a wonder product that I was comfortable enough to use on my mother, myself and my clients. I am so proud of what we created with Lucid Bliss vitamin drops and ultimately the entire hair care system which has by God's grace completely grown my mother's hair back and sustains that growth to this day.
We started with the vitamin drops to specifically fight Alopecia Areata and hair loss but from experience I knew we would have to develop an entire hair care system in order for the results to reach maximum worth. Before Lucid Bliss I would find great treatments but not be satisfied with the shampoo and conditioner or I would have to mix and match styling products to partner with the treatment. Lucid Bliss is an entire hair care system that builds upon each product and provides a start to finish experience that drives results.
Ironically enough the journey to create Lucid Bliss also helped me build another key compenent of my business with our Seamless Illusion custom units. When my mother was first diagnosed she immediately wanted to start wearing wigs that felt natural and comfortable as she attended church, spent time with family and lived her normal life. She could not find that with beauty supply store options so she tasked me with designing wigs for her that allowed her to look and feel like the same confident, beautiful woman. A girl has to listen to her mama! Eventually I mastered the technique and our Seamless Illusion custom units have been worn by my clients who are today's top celebrities, everyday clients who love natural wigs as well as an amazing group of women suffering from Alopecia and hair loss. My mother's diagnosis was a presumed tragedy that transitioned into the turning point of my career; funny how God works.

There are nine main types of Alopecia hair loss, however, the most common are, Alopecia Areata and Scarring Alopecia. Alopecia Areata is patches of baldness, caused by a problem with the immune system, that can occur at any age and may come and go. One in a hundred people are affected by Alopecia Areata, with genetics playing a role in one in five of these cases. Scarring Alopecia, also known as Cicatricle Alopecia, is hair loss that can occur as a result of complications from another condition. In this type of Alopecia, the hair follicle is completely destroyed. This means your hair will not grow back. Awareness of Alopecia is key to making it easier for those with the condition to live with their hair loss and realize that there is help available. A number of well-known celebrities have been open regarding their own suffering from Alopecia including Viola Davis, Neve Campbell, Alessia Cara and Christopher Reeve.

Lucid Bliss and Tiffany Lamb have helped hundreds of men, women, and children with Alopecia and a variety of hair loss conditions.

Qaadra has said:

“I've had Alopecia for years, tried many products, been to many doctors. Over the years my hair has only gotten worse. Finally, my sister [name redacted] told me about this product Lucid Bliss. I've seen results within 30 days. I'm so excited about this product, I love it. I'm a sold customer FOREVER. To anyone with hair loss or Alopecia please try this product. You will see results.”

During Alopecia Awareness Month Lucid Bliss will run a multi-day social media campaign highlighting three expressive terms that will work to provide guidance for those whose loved ones have Alopecia and support for those living with it. Each post will provide scientific information and data about Alopecia to educate about the facts and figures of the disease and a call to action related to the data. There are more than 200,000 new cases of alopecia a year nationwide. Tiffany hopes that this month and social campaign will increase people’s understanding of not only the physical aspects of Alopecia but also the mental and emotional trauma that this type of hair loss can cause.

If you’d like to know more about what Lucid Bliss can do for you or a loved one please visit www.mylucidbliss.com. 

Tiffany Lamb is available for questions regarding her personal experience and expert opinion for any editorial content during September's Alopecia Awareness Month. Please email dariana@therebelleagency.com with inquiries.