On the eve of Thanksgiving 2015 my Fox 5 News interview aired to over 500,000 people across New York City and accompanying areas. Although I was nervous leading up to the actual airing of the segment I was confident on the content because I was speaking on something that has taken over my life for the past three years, building a company as a millennial entrepreneur. It sounds fun trust me I know, the glamour of it all is what tempted me initially, but I quickly learned that hard work are the chips you play to win. This milestone moment, my first TV appearance representing my company, is just the beginning and is not an accomplishment achieved on my own. I am truly thankful for the village that has held me up and pushed me along until this moment and who will continue to push me into my next milestone and the next. For now we will relish in this #GetSomePurpose moment. Watch the full interview below via the link and I hope amongst the turkey and stuffing it gives you a little inspiration to join our Entrepreneur Squad. 

Watch My Interview With Fox 5 News NY Here and see my excited Twitter post about it earlier today!