Top 5 Lessons From A #RebelleIntern

Interning for Rebelle Agency was in my plan since the spring semester of my sophomore year. I was experiencing the normal public relations student panic when it came to finding experience, because the pure fact is that in our field no experience equals no job. Public relations is not a profession that is mapped out for you, there are not actual steps after you walk across that stage with a diploma in your hand. That degree means that you are proficient in public relations practices not a public relations professional. It is the experience, both good and bad, that transcends you from pupil to professional. Rebelle Agency felt like the place that could offer me the experience that would take what I learned in the classroom and apply it to real situations. 

Throughout Summer 2014 I learned things about myself, found my life focus, and also what I do and don't like about the business. Below I offer 5 top lessons that I learned from my time at Rebelle Agency.

  1. DETAILS MATTER! They can make or break an event, a press release, or a relationship. Constantly check your work and even when you think its perfect check again, I promise you will find something. 
  2. You are not going to love everything about your job. There are going to be days where you are stuck working on a computer all day until you cannot see straight. Everyday isn't going to be the Sex and the City moments of your dreams, but I can promise that everyday is going to bring you closer to them. 
  3. What can go wrong, WILL. Rebelle taught me that the unexpected will happen, but you cannot walk away. My first red carpet event started out nothing short of a nightmare. My car broke down, I was running late and I was a complete ball of nerves. In this moment I had to make the decision to sink or swim. Luckily the client was completely understanding and we got through it together. I made connections with bloggers and everything ended on a high note. I do not think the outcome would of been the same if I decided to just give up and walk away. 
  4. Confidence in your ability is vital. There is no room for second guessing in this profession, cause to put it simply there is not time for it. This industry is fast-paced, you have to trust in your abilities. 
  5. Passion is what you keeps you going. Being an intern is hard. This profession is hard.  I cannot sugarcoat it and I cannot assure you that there will not be days where you do not question yourself. Among those days there will also be days where everything works out and you accomplish getting your client coverage or just simply make them happy and it is all worth it. During my time at Rebelle Agency I saw company founder, Dariana hustle for her clients and couldn't help but desire the same thing. I saw her passion and that helped me recognize my own.  

I am so grateful to Dariana for believing in me and for the experience. It wasn't just a internship, it was truly a life-ternship. I feel that I am more prepared for a great career and that I am a more confident person than I was before. 

Thank you Rebelle Agency, it was a summer to remember!

Written by Amber Patterson, Summer 2014 #RebelleIntern