LaTanya Smith, Beautiful Textures Natural Summer Hair Giveaway Winner

Hello All,

I'm LaTanya Smith! I decided to participate in the Beautiful Textures Natural Hair Giveaway because I've been wanting to try the Texture Manageability System but unfortunately it isn't available in my market yet :(. I also enjoy testing new products and its been hard finding an edge control product that works with my hair type. I haven't tried the products just yet because my hair was freshly braided when I received them (see pic). BUT I do plan to use the Texture Manageability System SOON because I love wearing my hair straight however I live in Mississippi and the humidity is not my friend! Thank you so much for selecting me to win this giveaway! I'll be sure to post pictures showing you guys how the system worked for me so stay tuned for the follow up! Also make sure to check out, it's an awesome site. A lot of up-to-date celebrity news and keeping you in the know when it comes to fashion!!  I LOVE!!!  Thanks again!  


Congratulations LaTanya!!! We cannot wait to see the results. To catch more giveaways and as LaTanya said to stay up-to-date on celebrity news, fashion and more make sure to visit daily online and on social media @AlyiVDaily (Instagram) and @AlyiV (Twitter).

Written by Latanya Smith. Edited by Amber Patterson