If you are one of those small business owners who believe that building a strong social media presence won't directly effect sales and customers...well you might want to re-strategize for 2014. Social media has transformed small business and made it well...more social! 

In 2014 small businesses will supply 6 of 10 new jobs and contribute to over $3 trillion towards the economy. To help fuel that success they are engaging with social media more, with 9 of 10 SMBs using social media or planning to use social media as a marketing, new customer and learning business tactic and over half of them using it more often than before.

So if you are an SMB sit down in front of a computer or your smartphone and start getting well-acquainted with the existing and newest social media applications. It will be the difference between growth and stagnation in the long run!

To help with the learning process we found a pretty cool infographic from LinkedIn to get you started. Enjoy!