Rebelle Creative is the brand development division of Rebelle Agency that handles the creative development and maintenance of personal and business brands. We develop out of the box marketing plans and strategies to achieve the goals each brand wants to obtain. Services range from full re-branding of a company with a new logo and marketing plan, artist development for an entertainment act including the production of music videos or sponsorship opportunities, digital storefront for a boutique falling behind in the digital marketplace, etc. No idea is unattainable for Rebelle Creative.

Below are a few case studies from various Rebelle Creative projects.

Case Study #1

Client / ROY PAUL

Objective / Image and Brand Consultation 

Execution / Provided Roy Paul, acclaimed youth advocate and political commentator, with pre-appearance image consultation and on-site brand consultation and management at ABC Now and Arise 360.

Case Study #2


Objective / Creative Marketing and Collaboration

Execution / Managed the collaboration of indie clothing brand KREEMO and Blogxilla, including choosing the design and concept of the "Blogxilla x Kreemo" button and distributing it to industry professionals and selling to supporters.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 5.34.15 PM.png

Case Study #3


Objective / Last minute video direction and production

Execution / Provided full crew, videographer, stylist and make-up artist for video shoot in Philadelphia, PA within budget. Rebelle Creative provided concept production and creative direction.

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 5.46.05 PM.png

Case Study #4


Objective / Provide content creation and production for a weekly on-air show

Execution / Worked with Monique Coleman, actress  best known for role in "High School Musical", activist and United Nations Youth Advocate, to create content, finalize guests and audience members for each weekly segment of the 'Gimme Mo' show which aired on local NYC channel MNN and streamed live on the internet. Additionally, provided audience management, production management, set design and image consultation.