Our favorite President made a stop in Los Angeles for a fundraising event hosted by "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes (oh the irony) on Wednesday. Obama addressed supporters at Rhimes' Italianate Mediterranean estate, which was filled with many familiar faces from the hit show as well as other supporters. Recent Emmy nominee Kerry Washington was a special guest along with Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn (Yes! Fitz and Jake in one room). Other memorable faces included Motown founder Berry Gordy, Debbie Allen and NBA player Jason Collins. The President used the fundraiser to address the serious times the country is in with international relations and on Capitol Hill, while of course referencing the famous show. 

the conflict that probably makes people most discouraged is the conflict they see in Washington, where members of Congress can’t seem to do anything ...No offense. ‘Scandal’ is a great show. But it’s not something that we necessarily want to be living out day in, day out.

The political drama has taken the nation by storm, even the First Lady enjoys an episode or two. Now in its third season, premiering September 25th, the show has totally transformed from its premier season. It has become less about the political scandals but the love triangles (more soap opera, less political drama). Of course, Rhimes still offers her typical plot twist that leaves us confused and emotional at the show's end but it will be interesting to see where she will be headed during this third season. We will definitely stay tuned.

Written by Amber Patterson