Angie Martinez, the undisputed #VoiceofNY, took to New York's Power 105.1 this morning to sit down as the interviewee - a position Angie is not used to - with her new station co-workers, The Breakfast Club! This wouldn't be such big news if it wasn't the first interview Angie has done since her resignation from her seat as the most popular disc jockey for opposing New York City hip-hop radio station Hot 97. Yeah, Angie has jumped [radio] ships! But don't label her disloyal just yet...

This morning the elephant in the room was quickly addressed...is Angie breaking NYC code and being disloyal to her station, fans and the hip hop community as a whole?? The answer is a simple...No. Sorry guys, no drama here. Angie is quite possibly the most liked hip hop interviewer in history (seriously no one has anything bad to say about her)! 

She is a self-proclaimed "vault" and kept her Power 105.1 decisions a tight secret, however once she revealed them to her Hot 97 superiors and co-workers she was met with love and support. As far as her being "disloyal", Angie has no room for that as a native New Yorker. She describes her reason for resigning as a "career move" and goes on to further say:

It’s business and people leave jobs all the time. I’m not disloyal at all. I have always been extremely loyal. I put -I don’t know how many years of my life- down for that company...They said [executives] you’ve served this company so well [and for] so many years, I can do nothing but wish you well.
— http://www.power1051fm.com

Even though Angie has put in decades of love and hard work for Hot 97 she was still a little nervous revealing the news to her superiors.

As much history as I had there [Hot 97] I was prepared for the lock out and it wasn’t that. It was the ‘we wish you well, we are going to send you off properly’
— http://www.power1051fm.com

The interview continued with laughter and light-hearted stories about the industry and different encounters each host has had with Angie, but what was most interesting was Angie's recollection of her early career interview with the late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. She names it one of her most experiential interviews but what stuck with her was the affect it had on people and in part solidified her career decision:

It [Tupac Shakur interview] was the first time I realized an interview could actually mean something
— http://www.power1051fm.com

As a native New Yorker, Angie's move between hip hop radio station rivals was a shock to me, as it was to The Breakfast Club co-hosts, but ultimately sensible. Power 105.1 has a broader reach and will increase Angie's broadcast to Miami and other markets. Angie's brand has already been etched as a formidable hip hop radio disc jockey and interviewer, there is no better time for her to develop additional talents and explore different territories. Isn't that what we all aspire to do, change, grow, experience something unique and different and ultimately push ourselves to new heights? We love Angie's choice to focus on the positive aspects of her change and block out the noise of social media opinions and media scrutiny. This is an exciting time for her and we wish her all the best. We will definitely be tuning into her Power 105.1 show and looking forward to her first guest...her longtime friend Jay-Z is too predictable so maybe another NYC rap legend? Or a newcomer? We are waiting patiently until her proposed start date of mid-July.

To view the entire interview with The Breakfast Club watch the video below.

Written by Dariana Colon-Bibb